Our long experience in producing yogurt – we have been producing Greek yogurt since 1954 – helped us develop special techniques and recipes that make us experts in producing Greek yogurt.

Various production methods such as mechanical separation, ultra filtration, powder fortification, have been adopted taking advantage of their benefits.

Mr. Evangelos Mandrekas, our CEO, is a Mechanical Engineer B.Sc, M.Sc with 35 years of experience in dairy technology and marketing greekyogurt.

During the last years, our company has been assigned to consult other dairies around the world on the design and production of Greek yogurt.

Indicative collaborations:

2002 Friesland Campina (Patras - Greece)

2012 Klondike Cheese Co. (Monroe, WI - USA)
2013 Good Day Yogurt Co. (Mumbai - India)

2013 Vita latte Cheese Co. (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)

2013 Modern dairy Plant (Riyadh - S. Arabia)

2014 KM Group www.km-zavod.ru (Russia)

2014 Cedar Co. (MA-USA)
2014 Agape Foods Co. (Houston, TX - USA)