MANDREKAS SA is a family owned dairy. It started with Dimitrios Mandrekas the founder back in 1954. He produced and sold over the counter Greek traditional yogurt from sheep/cow milk. In 1984 Evangelos Mandrekas took over after coming back from his studies in England (B.Sc , M.Sc in Engineering).

In 1991 a new plant was commissioned outside Corinth-Greece where modern yogurt production is still taking place. The business grew up and MANDREKAS SA is one of the largest private label yogurt producer in the country. Our main core of business is yogurt –private label. We also have developed exports in Europe and USA where Greek Yogurt has become a household novelty.

We produce all types of yogurt plus some yogurt desserts (tzatziki sauce ) and milk desserts, (rice pudding, custard cream and chocolate). Today, we employ 30 people and our motto is FFF (Fast, Flexible, Fresh). We can deliver all over the world either from our factory in Greece or from selected co-production dairies around the world, where the product is produced with our recipes and technology and under our supervision.

Why Greek Yogurt?

Yogurt in Europe, was first introduced when French king Fransisco 1st (1494-1547), who was suffering from severe diarrhea and local doctors could not offer any more help, asked for help from his friend Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottoman Sultan). An Armenian doctor was immediately dispatched to Paris together with a small flock of goats!! However, despite the cure of the king, Europeans still did not pick up the wondrous food (yogurt), which was known to the Balkan people centuries ago.

Eventually, yogurt became famous at the beginning of the previous century by a Russian doctor, Mechnikof, who was awarded the Nobel prize for his work on white blood cells. Mechnikof was very convinced that human peptic system could be cured from various infections and bad microbes in the intestines, by bacilli included in yogurt.

Being the director of institute Pasteur in Paris, he started experimenting with mice and yogurt from Bulgaria because he was impressed by stories about long living adults in that country who were having yogurt as their staple diet. They isolated a micro organism responsible for the yogurt formation and they named it, what else but, Bacillus Bulgaricus.

They formed two groups of mice. They introduced in both some microbes and one group was fed with yogurt. Metchnikof, was a fanatic supporter of yogurt and he consumed a lot of it daily. He preached the miraculous benefits of yogurt to human health, although he refused to capitalize on the cure he offered to his patients.

The truth is that he himself died in 1916 at the age of 75 years old. Around 1985 , his theory got a good validation from experiments carried out by the USDA with mice. Two groups were fed with food contaminated with salmonella. One group also had yogurt. The result was astonishing. Most of the members of the group without yogurt, died, where the other group survived the contamination.

Another experiment by Romanian doctors also came to the same conclusion. In Chicago Michael Reese Hospital, they had an epidemic attack by diarrhoea which was cured by introducing to the locals food including Lactobacillus Acidophilus which is another microorganism found in yogurt.

In 1963 in Jewish Memorial Hospital N.Y. 45 children with a heavy diarrhoea problem were cured after eating 3 times a day half a portion of yogurt where, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus were present. As a matter of fact one group of the children were cured within 2,7 days , while the other group who was treated only with another antibiotic substance, were treated in 4,8 days.

Scientists from other countries , Serbia , Poland, Japan, verified the universal conclusion of a well being due to yogurt bacilli. This forced more scientific labs to look deeper to discover what is the main reason for this therapeutic substance in yogurt which is responsible for such a good influence on human health.

Finally, around 1980, scientists found 7 antibiotic substances at least , on top of the other beneficial factors like galactic acid, oxalic acid and hyperoxide of hydrogen. They even went further to claim that yogurt consumption was better than tetramycin, or streptomycin and penicillin!

So if sea was made of yogurt , a dive every day would save us from a lot of infections!!

ACID WHEY problem with greekyogurt

Our company in Greece as well as in USA (where our greekyogurt is produced), uses the most up to date method